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School Achievements

Logos for the standards achieved are displayed on each page under the content area.

Quality Mark Award for Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity

This award was achieved in December 2018 with Distinction. Below are the reasons for Distinction outlines by the validator:


  • Receiving the ‘Sustained excellence for the delivery of P.E. and school sport’ from Thanet Sports Partnership 2018.
  • The only school in Kent to receive the ‘Enhance Healthy Schools Award’ – maintained since 2013.

Quality of teaching

  • Very high quality of teaching through well-resourced class teachers
  • Outstanding teaching resources, lesson plans and broad balanced curriculum. Well trained staff who receive Continuous Professional Development in areas to increase their confidence in teaching P.E.
  • Pupils make substantial progress from different starting points in all areas of activity.

Curriculum Provision

  • The P.E. curriculum provision is very good, with an excellent balance between varied types of games, athletic activities, problem solving – ‘Forest School’, dance and gymnastics.
  • Very well resourced with an excellent range of equipment, with purpose-built storage (well beyond the norm).
  • Outstanding leadership from the Headteacher and Senior team – ‘National Leader of Education’ award supports this.
  • Highly qualified Subject Leader, with a specialist physical education background, provides a very committed lead to other staff. Exceptional organisational skills provide superb support for all other staff in delivering high quality P.E. lessons.

Basic Skills Quality Mark Award

Callis Grange has received the Basic Skills Quality Mark Award six times, the most recent being in December 2016. The award is held for three years. The school has received 10 year recognition.

The Award is a national award and to achieve it ten elements must be met.

Callis Grange has met all the elements and therefore has:

  • A whole school strategy, including an action plan, to improve performance in basic skills
  • An assessment of pupil performance in basic skills in the school
  • A target for the improvement of the school’s performance in basic skills
  • Basic skills improvement plans for pupils under attaining in the school
  • Regular review of the progress made by each pupil under attaining in basic skills
  • A commitment to improving the skills of staff in the school to teach and extend basic skills
  • The use of a range of teaching styles to improve basic skills
  • The use of appropriate teaching and learning material to improve basic skills
  • The involvement of parents in developing their children’s basic skills
  • An effective procedure for monitoring the action plan and assessing improvement in performance in basic skills

Investors in People Standard

investorCallis Grange has now achieved the Investors in People Standard five times, the latest being in February 2012. The standard is held for three years.The school has also received 10 year recognition.

The Standard is a national standard which sets a level of good practice for improving an organisation’s performance through its people.
The standard means that Callis Grange:

  • Makes a commitment from the top to develop all employees to achieve its business objectives
  • Regularly reviews the needs and plans the training and development of all employees
  • Takes action to train and develop individuals on recruitment throughout their employment
  • Evaluates the investment in training and development to assess achievement and improve future effectiveness

Our assessment stated that:

  • There is an very strong ethos amongst people which could best be described as that of a caring school
  • Everyone believed that what they and the school as a whole did was to help develop and educate its pupils for later life
  • The culture of the organisation is completely inclusive in that everyone, regardless of role, is encouraged to learn and develop to improve their performance

Enhanced Healthy School

healthy-schoolsCallis Grange has achieved Enhanced Healthy School status.

A healthy school:

  • Is successful in helping pupils to do their best and build on their achievements
  • Is committed to on-going improvement and development
  • Promotes physical and emotional health by providing accessible and relevant and equipping pupils with the skills and attitude to make informed decisions about their health
  • Understands the importance of investing in health to assist in the process of raising levels of pupil achievement and improving standards
  • Recognises the need to provide both a physical and social environment that is conducive to learning


  • At Callis we have gone beyond being a ‘Healthy School’ and as of June 2013 became the only school in Kent to have achieved Enhanced Healthy School status. In June 2016 Enhanced Healthy Status was achieved again.
  • As a school we have worked with our local NHS Specialist looking carefully at the current health issues in the local area using data from the Kent and Medway Public Health Observatory.
  • The school worked with the Children and Young People’s Wellbeing Service at Kent Community Health NHS Trust to scope out the issues facing children and families in the Thanet area and used the insight gained to place a whole series of activities to tackle these issues.

The Green Flag as an Eco-School

eco-schoolsCallis Grange has received this award 4 times, the latest being in September 2016.

There are nine topics which are used for the Enviromental review and linking the program into the curriculum.

The Eco-Schools topics are:    Litter, Waste Management, Energy, Water, transport, Healthy Living, School Grounds, Biodiversity and Global Perspective.

Callis Grange has an Action Team made up from our Healthy Schools Working Group and our School Council. They have undertaken an Enviromental review and developed an action plan, which is monitored and evaluated and linked to the curriculum. We involve the whole school and the wider community.

Callis has been awarded the KM Green School Award 2017!


We are proud to announce that Callis Grange has been awarded a prestigious national award by Sport England. Sport England is the country’s leading strategic sports development agency.

Activemark is a national accreditation programme, which recognises schools that show a commitment to promoting the benefits of physical activity. To achieve an award a school must offer a well-balanced physical education programme; provide an environment that encourages physical activity and teaches children the importance of staying active for life.

We strive to ensure that physical activity has a high profile throughout the school and that our pupils have access to appropriate opportunities to be active both within lessons and out of hours. Achievement of the Activemark award acknowledges the high level of our physical activity provision.

Achievement of the award has required the school to complete a thorough application process. We have welcomed this opportunity to review our physical activity and physical education provision and are delighted to receive recognition for the wide range of opportunities we provide for all our pupils.

We aim to provide all our pupils with the opportunity to be active and have an enjoyable and satisfying experience in doing so, whatever their level of ability. In this way, we hope to foster a positive attitude towards physical activity so that pupils continue to participate in, and reap the benefits of, a physically active lifestyle.

ICT Mark

ictThe ICT Mark is a national standard for ICT effectiveness and had been achieved three times at Callis Grange, the latest being in 2014. The school has demonstrated high practice in:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Curriculum
  • Learning & Teaching
  • Assessment
  • Professional Development
  • Extended opportunities for learning
  • Resources
  • Impact on pupil outcomes

National Support School / National Leader of Education

national-support-schoolIn July 2008 Callis Grange was identified as a National Support School and the Headteacher as a National Leader of Education. The staff use their knowledge and experience of teaching and learning, and their understanding of schools as organisations to provide support to schools in challenging circumstances. They provide advice to government ministers and advise the National College of School Leadership on future development strategies.

Early Years Quality Mark

kent-quality-markIn 2010 Callis Grange received this Quality Mark which recognises that the school has:

  • A commitment to improving outcomes for all children
  • A leadership focus on continuing quality improvement
  • A commitment to continuous professional development for all staff
  • An ethos of reflective practice to inform improvement planning

Since that date, the school has undertaken its own self-evaluation of the Quality Mark Standards, as maintained Early Years Settings can no longer be part of this award.

Financial Management Standard in Schools

fmsisThis national standard was achieved in 2010 and recognises that the school is managed well financially in the five key areas of:

  • Leadership and Governance
  • People Management
  • Policy and Strategy
  • Partnership and Resources
  • Processes

SAS award logo landscape newSafe Schools Accreditation Award

The Safe Schools Accreditation Award demonstrates that we promote the children’s emotional health and well being and encourage positive relationships within the school and wider community. This has been awarded three times with the latest award in 2015.


Governor Mark

This has been awarded in 2011, 2014 and 2017. This is the quality mark accreditation for excellence in school governance.governor-mark

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