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At Callis Grange Nursery and Infant School we recognise that our school provides a focus point, not only for the children we teach but also for their families and the wider community.


Ofsted Research


Ofsted research has demonstrated how extended services can make a significant positive impact on well-being, attendance, behaviour and attainment and can offer a range of benefits for children and young people, their families, the wider community and schools themselves:


  • childcare: gives children opportunities to study and play in a safe, stimulating environment before and after school, improves attendance and behaviour and supports working parents.
  • a varied menu of activities: boosts children’s confidence, supports their learning in the classroom and helps them to enjoy spending time at school.
  • swift and easy access (SEA): potentially serious problems can be tackled early on and dealt with by targeted intervention in school or, in some cases, by support from external agencies and organisations.
  • parenting support: encourages parents to work in partnership with the school to make a positive contribution to their children’s learning and helps them develop their parenting skills and meet their own learning needs.
  • community access: raises the profile of school, develops positive relationships with the wider community and creates opportunities for income generation.


In recognition of the key role we play in raising standards and aspirations, we aim to provide extended services in order to deliver better outcomes for children.

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