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The Callis Grange P.E Award


The Thanet Primary Association for School Sport, or ‘Thanet Passport’ as it is known, helps to organise and supports primary school sports festivals and competitions across the District. This year Thanet Passport has kindly gifted all Thanet Schools with a ‘Thanet Passport Charter Award’ trophy.  This will be known as  “The Callis Grange P.E Award” and will be presented to one pupil from Year 1 and one from Year 2 each term.

The award will be given to pupils who have shown independence, bravery, determination, passion and pride in their P. E. lessons.The trophy and the photos of those pupils who have been presented with the award will be placed on the ‘School Values’ display in our entrance area.


We look forward to sharing all our winners with you over the coming year.


Term 2 2023-2024

Term 1 2022-2023

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