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Relationships Education Policy and Appendices (as of 09.2020)

As from September 2020 all primary schools will be required to teach Relationships Education and will be required to have a policy setting out how they intend to approach the subject.  Schools will also be required to teach Health Education.


Our new Relationships Education Policy will replace our existing Sex and Relationships Education Policy.

At Callis Grange, a key part of what we do as educators of very young children, is help the children to build healthy, respectful relationships focusing on family and friendships, in all contexts, including online.  Therefore, there will be little change for us.  However, we would like to seek the views of our existing parents, and therefore if you wish to make a comment regarding our new Relationship Education Policy, please do so via our school e-mail address: by Friday 10th July 2020.


A whole range of curriculum and non-curriculum policies are held by the school. If you require any other policy or further information that is not listed above, then please contact the school office.

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