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Reading and Phonics

Reading at Callis Grange School




Home Reading:
All children choose their own book to read at home, from the graded colour bands. Books may be changed on a daily basis by the child. Each section of Home Reading books available contain a large selection of books from a variety of publishers. We recommend that children read at home with an adult for at least ten minutes every day. Reading tips for parents are provided within each child’s Home Reading Record Book, which also contains a list of High Frequency Words to practise and master.


Guided Reading:
Children at Callis Grange are taught to read through a daily Guided Reading session. Guided Reading groups are led by the Class Teacher and by the Learning Support Assistant (LSA). We have a very large selection of Guided Reading texts available to us, from a variety of publishers. As with the Home Reading texts, the Guided Reading books are organised into graded colour bands, which are carefully chosen to match the reading ability of each group of learners. Supported by the adult, children use their developing skills as they read and will be encouraged to talk about the book and ask and answer questions about the text. Regular reading enables children to learn to read High Frequency Words quickly, by sight (not sounding out).                                    



Individual Reading:
At Callis Grange we use the Oxford Reading Tree as our core Reading scheme. Children read on an individual basis to the Class Teacher, to the LSA and to adult volunteers. We aim for each child to read to an adult on an individual basis at least twice a week. In addition to reading to an adult, children can also read independently, choosing from a wide variety of fiction, nonfiction and poetry books from the class library available to them in their classroom. There is also a School Library that children may browse and choose from and children may also read e-books (electronic books) when using the tablet computers. We use the Oxford Owl e-books scheme for this purpose. Each classroom also has a selection of “Talking Books” on cassette tape and on CD for the children to listen to and enjoy.

Whole Class Reading:
On occasions, children may read altogether from enlarged “Big Book” texts, of which we have a large and varied selection available. Children may also read e-books altogether, viewed on the large classroom Interactive Whiteboard. In addition, the Class Teacher will read stories and poems aloud to the whole class on a daily basis. We value this ‘story time’ and feel that it fosters and encourages a love of books and Reading.


The teaching of Reading and the teaching of Phonics clearly go hand-in-hand. The Callis Grange phonics programme is based upon the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme and incorporates a wide range of resources. We place high importance on the teaching and learning of Phonics and there is a daily Letters and Sounds lesson throughout the school. Further information regarding Phonics is contained within our useful leaflet entitled “Phonics Guide for Parents” which is freely available from the school and on our website.


As part of our teaching of phonics, we teach children how to say the sounds. The smallest units of spoken sound in a language are called phonemes. Click here to hear the articulation of each phoneme.


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