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Dear Parents/Carers and visitors to our website,


On behalf of the Governing Body I would like to extend a very warm welcome and tell you a little bit about what the Governing Body does and to introduce ourselves to you.


Governors, together with the Headteacher, make important decisions on how the school is run. We are here to ensure that every child in the school achieves the best possible outcome during their time in our school. We act as a critical friend to the Headteacher and staff which means we both support and challenge them to ensure the best outcome for the children. We make decisions on policy and strategy for the school and are accountable to parents and carers as well as the wider community and Ofsted.


The Governing Body:


  • Sets strategic direction, objectives, targets and policies
  • Reviews and approves the school budget
  • Reviews progress against the budget, plans and targets
  • Supports and challenges school leadership


We are here to help the school raise standards and improve performance by supporting the work of the Headteacher and staff while at the same time challenging them to ensure the best outcome for all of its children.


The full Governing Body meets at least three times per year and we have two groups which also meet at least three times per year. One group has responsibility for strategy which includes a critical review of performance and progress against specific improvement targets. The second group has responsibility for oversight of the financial management of the school as well as the staffing structure and personnel issues.


As well as the meetings, the governors will visit the school throughout the year to gather data to assess the results of improvements which have been implemented or to look at specific subjects or areas of school life.


The Governing Body is always keen to hear from parents and carers about their thoughts and ideas for the school and can be contacted via the school office.


We often attend school events throughout the year; you will see us with our official badges on, so please feel free to say hello, ask us questions about the school and give us your views.


I look forward to seeing you at various school functions across the school.


Yours sincerely,


Stephen Beale
Chair of Governors


Governor Mark              


This has been awarded in 2011, 2014 and 2017. This is the quality mark accreditation for excellence in school governance.

Current Parent Governor Vacancies


There are currently no vacancies for Parent Governors.



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